Dear fellow traveler,

The core of New Thought, a direct connection to a Higher Power and the Oneness of the Universe, is woven into spiritual beliefs throughout human history and is expressed in most cultural, spiritual, and religious teachings. This includes Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Mysticism, Judaism, Taoism, Christianity, Metaphysics, Islam, and indigenous people’s beliefs. New Thought is not a doctrine, dogma, creed, or tenet, it is rather a philosophy. It transcends time, religion, and culture and it is a central thread to our understanding the Universe and ourselves. It provides a solid foundation for truth, a direction for spiritual growth, personal growth, and social behavior.

Because New Thought is universal and has widely varied expressions, it does not have a common statement of belief nor should it.

Though I was raised and educated in a rather traditional western religious environment, over time I found the experience to ring hollow. On my journey of discovery, I have come to recognize and accept core principles within New Thought. They ring true and have forever changed my life for the better.

This statement of philosophy is my offering to you. I invite you to discover the joy, peace, contentment, abundance, health, balance, and creativity this new understanding brings.

It is to this end that:

  • Creative Living Foundation has been formed;
  • New Thought New Life journal is published, and;
  • Others are joining in: to provide you with resources, light, and direction for your personal path.

If this also rings true for you, remember you are not alone; we are walking the same path together. We welcome you on this journey.


Many blessings,

Howard Voyles

Publisher & Sr Editor


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