Giving With an Open-Heart


  • Gratitude and love are the Divine seeds at the center of true giving. They are valid motivation for giving if they are not paired with a sense of obligation, lack, or reward. The giving is what matters, not the getting.
  • Giving from this mindset leads to prosperity and wellbeing as it tips our consciousness toward abundance and away from lack; toward being Source and away from being needy.
  • Helping & Giving are born out of gratitude, which inspires us to be more generous.
  • Think of your giving as an advanced spiritual prayer practice where you consider from your heart’s center how to align yourself with grace and unconditional love. The Divine principle is to give AS Source rather than TO a source of good.
  • When you give, do so from an open-hearted generosity in harmony with Spirit. This embodies the presence of The Source of All That Is.
  • Conscious, committed giving of any amount with joy and an open-heart is the way to begin this practice.
  • When you do give, bless your gifts, and then release them into the Universe. As it is said, “God loves a faithful giver.”

These are the very principles that underline our commitment to the messaging and work at Creative Living Foundation.


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