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A New Way of Thinking (Online Class) (NT-101)  Cost Date   Day Time
   A New Way of Thinking
 Free*  - - On Demand Howard Voyles
   * suggested donation $20
mid-July '17
Balanced Living (Online Course) (NT-102)  Cost  Date  Day Time  Instructor
  Balancing Your Life (Session 1)  Free* - - On Demand Howard Voyles
  Identifying Your Core Values (Session 1) -  -  - mid-August '17
  Embracing Your Guiding Principles (Session 2)  -  - -   "
  Putting it All Together (Session 2)  - - -   "
  * suggested donation $60
Mastering The Creative Process (Online Course)
Cost Date Day Time Instructor
  The Creative Mindset (Session 1) TBD  - -
On Demand Howard Voyles
  Conceptualize (Session 1)  -  - - mid-Nov '17
  Visualize (Session 2) -  - -   "
  Strategize (Session 2) - -
-   "
  Exercise (Session 3) -
-   "
  Materialize (Session3) -  - -   "
  * Course Fee TBD (partial scholarships are available)




  • Step 1 - A NEW WAY OF THINKING (free 1-Session Introductory Online Class) Open or Close


     Step 1

    A New Way of Thinking

    (Introductory Class: NT101)

    This simple philosophy will transform your life forever... Join our publisher, Howard Voyles, as he shares an overview of our philosophy.

    This is the first step in understanding our New Thought philosophy and how to integrate it into your life. It will transform your life forever.

    This is where it all begins

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    (Suggested donation $30)

    (Available on demand mid-July 2017)


  • Step 2 - BALANCED LIVING (free 2-Session Online Class) Open or Close


      Step 2

    Putting Your Life In Balance

    (Introductory Class: NT102)

    Join our publisher, Howard Voyles, as he explores the process of Balancing Your Life, identifying your Core Values, and embracing your Guiding Principles.

    •  Balancing Your Life -
    •  Identifying Your Core Values -
    •  Embracing Your Guiding Principles -
    •  Putting it All Together -
    •  Take it at your own pace -


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    (Suggested donation $60)

    (In production & coming soon!)


  • MASTERING THE CREATIVE PROCESS (2-Session Online Class) Open or Close


    Mastering the Creative Process

    (Advanced Studies Class: NT201)

    (Step 1 & 2 are prerequisite)

    Join our publisher, Howard Voyles, as he provides an in-depth understanding of the steps that make up the Creative Process, how to master each step and integrated them into all aspects of your life.

    • The Creative Mindset -
    • Conceptualize -
    • Visualize -
    • Strategize -
    • Exercise -
    • Materialize -
    • 2-session online workshop (90-minutes each) -


    Register Here for this Class

    (Course Fee TBD - partial scholarships are available)

    (Available on demand mid-November 2017)


Register for FREE Introductory Webinar - A New Way Of Thinking


A simple philosophy is the first step in employing these great tools, designed to assist you in integrating this new understanding of living that will transform your life forever.

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